Dreaming of Running in the Swiss Alps?

Prepare to be amazed by engaging and informative POV tour videos that will inspire you to plan your next trail running adventure!

What you'll get...


Everything you need to know to plan and run every tour.


Make yourself a picture of the trail in action before even running it.


Get inspired by new tours you may never heard of.

About the project

Hi, I'm Dennis!

I love running in the mountains and making videos.

It's all about the scenery

Trail running nowadays is often focused on competition and high performance, but I aim to change that. All the tours here are designed to guide you through the most breathtaking views and captivating scenery, emphasizing the joy of the experience rather than just the race against the clock.

Bonus downhill

The last segment of each tour here offers thrilling downhills, ensuring a delightful finish with no suffering involved.

Flueela Schwarzhorn